Purchase High Quality Handmade Pavers from the Factory

Purchase High Quality Handmade Pavers from the Factory

Pavers are used in many applications of landscaping, hardscapes, and courtyard designs. They are available in many styles, sizes, and materials and are used in both residential and commercial settings. Large-scale projects, such as grand hotel or resort entryways, central parks, and plazas can also be completed with pavers.

Different Pavers

The most expensive pavers are made of natural stone or brick. These require a lot of maintenance and are susceptible to cracks, natural fading, and impact damage. Most pavers today are made of concrete and designed to resemble natural stone and brick. These are much more cost-effective, durable, and have long-lasting color. The maintenance is minimal.

Concrete pavers vary in cost and quality. Cheap ones are mass-produced and tend to be of low quality. These are a perfect example of getting what is paid for. They do not resemble stone well and are not as durable as customers expect.

Unique Pavers

There are high-quality pavers that are durable, beautiful, and affordable. Purchasing pavers tauranga directly from the local factory will save landscapers, contractors, and homeowners a substantial amount of time and money. People are invited to visit the factory to discuss needs and sizes, as well as explore paver samples.

What makes these pavers unique is the moulding system. Most concrete pavers are cast in steel molds. This raises the pricing because all the raw materials have to be crushed and finely ground before going into the molds. A wetcast moulding system produces pavers that are more durable, less expensive, and have the look and feel of real stone.


The non-slip surface makes pavers ideal for patios, paths, driveways, areas around a pool, and garden edging tauranga. Versatile pavers can be made in many sizes to create designs, logos, monograms, or patterns. Styles include lo-glare split granite, leather stone for a great texture, and sawnstone that resembles a sandstone finish.

Building entrances, lobbies, courtyards,an atrium, and mall food courts are typically created with concrete pavers. Since pavers are coming direct from the factory, custom colors can be used if there are no available colors that will be suitable for the project.


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